In Memory

Ken Bringer

Kenneth Bringer, 67, of Bronx, New York, died March 31, 2015.  “Kenny” as he was called by those close to him, passed away at his home in Seoul, South Korea.  He is survived by a nephew and niece and cousin.  He was preceded in death by his sister.  Ken was a sojourner, who came to Korea in 1992 as an employee with Oriental Press.   In a biography he wrote to his graduating class, upon whom he was planning on attending the 50th reunion this year of Roosevelt High School Class of 1966 in Yonkers NY, here is a synopsis of what he wrote:

“After graduating;'66 – I  went to California in late '67 to sort things out, but returned in fall '68 after deciding to study graphic arts at SVA. In 1980 I accepted work in NJ and commuted for a few months until realizing it was crazy to do so, and I moved to NJ to continue my work, which was now in A/V system design & installation.

In 1983 I opened my own company and did reasonably well enjoying a good professional reputation and a notable client list, and in 1989, I sold the operation for a token amount, and moved to California to start again, driving a U-Haul truck for two weeks stopping to see the sights.

After a few weeks of settling-in, I began interviewing for a job - much like I'd had in my own business, except this time working for someone else. I struggled through for about a year.

Until I eventually landing a job for a small local magazine publisher of 5 lifestyle magazines focused on California living. I wrote for them, photographed for them, and sold (and designed) advertising for them.

Within a year, I saw an Ad in the Orange County Register for a position as Advertising Manager to work overseas for a US military newspaper. Knowing I was a bit under-qualified, I applied anyway and much to my surprise I was hired. It seems that I had the exact skillset they needed, and that my circumstances were ideal for them. Not being married and with no children, I was easy to transport overseas.

And so I arrived in Seoul, Korea on March 3, 1992 with the intention of spending 2 years and then returning. I've been here ever since.

I've been able to travel a bit, and of course I've had several job changes since being here, but I've discovered that my Bohemian lifestyle is easier and works better here than if I'd remained in the USA.

I am looking forward to this re-union very much, and hope to say hello to all the other survivors.?”

               The USAG Yongsan Public Affairs Office and the staff and employees of Oriental Press thank the Yongsan and Area II community for their thoughts about the passing of Ken Bringer.  A consummate behind the scenes kind of guy, Ken was instrumental in the development of the advertising base of Oriental Press to include the Seoul Word, later the Morning Calm, the Seoul Survivors Guide and the Crimson Sky.  It is with a heavy heart that we remember him at this time of his passing.