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Graham Smith

Graham Smith

Bruce Dov Vogel wrote on May 2, 2020:

Today I received this message from Sherry Smith, Graham's wife.
Graham and I reconnected several years ago when Graham and Sherry were working in Jerusalem. We last saw Graham last spring when he brought a group of congregants on a tour of Israel. We picked them up at their hotel on the Mt. of the Beatitudes and had a wonderful dinner together in Tiberias.

It is with sadness that I share Graham’s passing to what he always called “God’s greater care and larger service.” He was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in February and after three hospitalizations in three months, died peacefully in the early hours of April 30. Despite the Covid-19 restrictions, they allowed me and our son Ryan to be at his bedside.
He thought he would have much more time but by mid-March, he was losing strength. He loved life, he loved people and he loved to talk! He will be missed by many. I have been comforted by remembering the adventures we shared - some with the two of you.

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05/04/20 01:15 PM #5    

Steven Schwarz

I was shocked and saddened to learn of Graham's passing. We were close friends throughout grade, middle and high school; although, as fate often dictates, we lost touch for many years. We connected again at the reunion, and were blessed by a vist from Graham last year. He remained the kind, thoughful, generous and shining human being I always knew him to be. We often hear the well-worn phrase, "Bad things always happen to the  Best people". Graham surely was and certainly remains one of the "best of the best". His devotion to his faith, to his family and to the betterment of us all knew no bounds. I will always remember him with a smile and a tear. My deepest condolences to his family, both immediate and far-extended, as we mourn the passing of this gentle soul.

05/04/20 02:58 PM #6    

Jerry Rosenblatt

So very sorry to hear about Graham's passing. Graham and I were violin seat buddies in the RHS orchestra for three years. I always admired his serious devotion to playing every piece. We laughed together, complimented each other, and on occasion offered advice, to which I always respected. Graham, you will forever be my seat mate...

05/04/20 03:39 PM #7    

Carole Maltzman (Kavanagh)

I hope someone who is in touch with Sherry will add my condolences to her and their family. Graham and I also went to Fordham together, but truth be told, we were not close friends. Our parents were good friends however, and as I shared with Graham the last time we corresponded, every time I take out my electric mixer I think of his mom, Ann, who gave it to me as a shower gift almost 50 years ago. Hoping to see everyone in September 2021. Stay well!  

05/04/20 04:15 PM #8    

Lesley Markman

This is so, so sad, and way, way too soon for Graham.  He was such a vibrant, kind, caring, upbeat person that it's hard to imagine that he's gone now.  I still owe him a dinner, due whenever his next trip to the Boston area to visit his brother was going to be.  We reconnected as the 50th reunion was approaching, and got together a few times when he came East.  So many great memories, mostly of the musical kind.  He especially relished Mr Krupenye, and our string quartet at Walt Whitman when we played Haydn's Quinten quartet.  Graham was such a talented violinist, with such strong hands, strong fingers, and great passion for the music.  Jerry Rosenblatt and Viola Dari very competently rounded out the quartet, and it is one of my sweetest memories of that time.  In fact when I last saw Graham at a dinner get-together near his brothers' several years ago, I played an audio snippet of that piece for him from my iPhone.  He was tickled and remembered it very well and very fondly.  

Graham, I will miss you tremendously, but will always have the best memories of you and your great spirit. And I will smile (as I am now) when I think of you.  RIP.

(This is a picture of Graham I took a few years ago in Lincoln, MA)

05/04/20 04:49 PM #9    

Letitia Autuori (Hermida)

So sorry to hear about Graham. Such a gentleman and truly admirable being. I shall remember his pleasant personality throughout my senior years. I was proud to have him as my escort as Miss Lenvoi. May your soul rest in peace Graham. You shall be missed


05/04/20 09:14 PM #10    

Robert Pernice

I came across the post communicating the recent passing of Graham Smith late this afternoon. I first met Graham when we were student musicians at WWJHS. My memory of all the performances we all were involved in over a six-year period certainly includes Graham. When we were all seventh graders, Graham had already distinguished himself as an extraordinary musician, the product of talent, commitment and passion. Judging from the comments offered by classmates who remained in contact with Graham s/p Roosevelt, it appears he lived an extraordinary life.  The news of his passing is shocking. I offer my most sincere sympathy to the family and friends Graham leaves behind.                

Bob Pernice                          



05/05/20 02:19 AM #11    

Bruce (Dov) Vogel

I will suggest to Sherry that she go in and look at the words of condolence. She can be contacted at

To those of us who were in the musical groups at Whitman and Roosevelt, I can say that those were among the most enriching parts of my life.

When we last met Graham had told me that the orchestra room at Roosevelt had been turned into a storage closet.

For many of us the storage on our own personal hard disks will remain with us for the rest of our lives. I was lucky to have spoken with Graham about those experiences many times during the past 5 years. I regularly think about how Mr. Humphrey brought together a group of teenages into a "band" of friends who worked together to achieve a wonderful experience for us and those who listened to us


05/05/20 02:46 PM #12    

Phyllis Rabineau

I am deeply, deeply sorry to hear of Graham's passing.  Like others of you, I had not been in touch with him for many years, but we reconnected at the 50th RHS reunion.  Several months later, he and Sherry came through Chicago, we met up for dinner, and my husband and I enjoyed a wonderful evening with them.  It was a joy, not only to reminisce (yes, orchestra was a significant part of the conversation), but also to discover one another as our present-day selves. That evening, I experienced Graham's gentleness, his humor, his love of life's meaning, and I saw the depth and strength of his and Sherry's bond.  He was truly a very special person, and will be missed by so many. 

05/06/20 09:24 AM #13    

Joanne Lew (Moretsky)

So sorry to hear about Graham Smith. I have only the fondest memories of him. 

05/07/20 11:20 AM #14    

Dennise Murphy (Johnson)

So sorry to hear of Graham's passing. My memories include remembering a very nice and kind young man. My thoughts and prayers to out to his family.

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